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1879 Austin Corbin goes on record with his intentions to ban Jews from his resort. Popular opinion runs against him, and his efforts fail.
1882 The Elephant Hotel opens at Coney Island. It becomes associated with prostitution, which prompts the local expression, "seeing the elephant."

Peter and George C. Tilyou open Surf Theater, Coney Island's first theater, on an alley later named the Bowery.
1884 La Marcus Thompson builds the Switchback Railway, arguably the first roller coaster in America, at Coney Island.
1893 The Columbian Exposition is held in Chicago.
1894 John Y. McKane is sentenced to six years hard labor at Sing Sing prison.
1895 Captain Paul Boyton opens Sea-Lion Park, the first enclosed amusement park at Coney Island.

George C. Tilyou opens Steeplechase Park at Coney Island, and introduces the "Steeplechase Horses" ride there.
1902 Frederic Thompson and Elmer "Skip" Dundy bring their "Trip to the Moon" ride to Steeplechase Park and operate it there for a season.
1903 fred and elmerFrederic Thompson and Skip Dundy open Luna Park.
1904 Senator William Reynolds and a group of local speculators open Dreamland.
1907 Steeplechase Park burns to the ground. Efforts are immediately made to rebuild it.

Elmer "Skip" Dundy dies
1908-1909 Samuel Gumpertz becomes general manager of Dreamland.
1911 Dreamland burns. The Dreamland Circus Sideshow, run by Samuel Gumpertz, opens while ruins are still smoking.

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