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Daughter From Danang
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Consult the further reading page for a list of books and Web sites related to Daughter From Danang.

A number of people appeared on-camera or acted as consultants and are listed below. See the complete film credits for more information.

On-camera interview subjects:

Heidi Bub
Mai Thi Kim, Heidi's mother
Tom Miller, attorney
Tran Tuong Nhu, journalist/Tom's wife
Mabel Neville, Heidi's grandmother
Don Neville, Heidi's uncle
Royce Hughes, Girl Scout leader
Wanda Hamlett, second grade teacher
Brenda Lewis, family friend
John Bub, Heidi's husband
Do Huu Vinh, father of Heidi's siblings
Do Trong Tinh, Heidi's brother
Do Thi Thu Hien, Heidi's sister
Do Thi Hong Lien, Heidi's sister
Dinh Dung, translator


Tran Tuong Nhu

The production team would like to especially acknowledge Tran Tuong Nhu and Brenda Lewis, without whom this reunion would never have occurred.

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