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Daughter From Danang
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Film Credits: Daughter From Danang

Gail Dolgin

Gail Dolgin
Vicente Franco

Vicente Franco

Kim Roberts

Associate Producer
Sunshine Sara Ludder

Tran Tuong Nhu

Music By
B. Quincy Griffin
Hector Perez

Vietnamese Musician
Van-Anh T. Vo

Location Sound
Jaime Kibben

Title Designer
James Kenney

On-Line Editor
Ed Rudolph
Video Arts

Archival Researcher
Kenn Rabin

Sound Editorial
Berkeley Sound Artists
James LeBrecht
Patti Tauscher

Sound Mix
Saul Zaentz Film Center
Dan Olmsted
James LeBrecht

Assistant Editors
Kevin Abrams
Sunshine Sara Ludder

Post Production Consultant
Lynn Adler

Foley Artist
Marnie Moore

Foley Recordist
Ben Conrad

Foley Mixer
Frank Rinella

Additional Musicians
Jude Gold
Scott Greiner
David Jaffe
Art Maxwell

Tran Tuong Nhu
Cam Nguyen
Ha Viet Quang
Dinh Dung
Bac Hoi Tran

Vietnamese Transcriber
Lan Tran

Heidi Bub
Mai Thi Kim


John Bub
Jessica Bub
Kaitlin Bub
Sam T. Collins
Do Huu Vinh
Do Thi Thu Hien
Do Thi Hong Lien
Do Trong Tinh
Wanda Hamlett
William Holt, Sr.
Royce Hughes
Tancy Hughes
Brenda Lewis
Tom Miller
Don Neville
Mabel Neville
William Robert Neville
Nguyen Thi Thu Trang
Ana Petty
Erlene Roller
Cindy Stevenson
Tran Tuong Nhu
Tran Van Phuc
John Williams/Holt I.C.S.

Very Special Thanks:
Elayne Bernstein
Laurie Coyle
Eli Despres
Diana Dolgin
Israel Dolgin
Nathanial Dorsky
Elizabeth Farnsworth
Rick Goldsmith
John Harrington
Deborah Hoffmann
Jaime Kibben
Hannah Kranzberg
Amelia Leclaire
Nancy Maloney
Marilyn Mulford
Unity Nguyen
Laura Paull
Frances Reid
Barbara Sonneborn
David Spiegel
Rick Tejada-Flores
Jonas Woolverton

Scott Andrews
Richard Bermack
Gayle Bourque
Ellen Bruno
Michael Chandler
Jerilyn Cohen
Janet Cole
Judith Ehrlich
Karina Epperlein
Connie Field
Pat Flynn
Abby Ginzberg
Chris Houston
Sam Karp
Vivian Kleiman
John Knoop
Barbara Kramer
Allie Light
Dawn Logsdon
Molly McDonald
Judith Montell
Micha Peled
Stacey Ross
Irving Saraf
Alex Schoenfeldt
Veronica Selver
Tosha Silver
Betsy Strausberg
Shirley Thompson
Janie Tyre
David O. Weissman

The executives, staff and independents
at Saul Zaentz Film Center and Fantasy, Inc.

Wendy Begley
Sam Benson
John Blomberg
Charles Broad
Loren Buyer
Patricia Freeman
Jackie Hettlinger
Ken Horner
Rick Kahn
Denise Lytle
Mike McDaniels
Gina Medina
Abraham Negash
Joe Tysel

Archival Sources
ABCNews VideoSource
CBS News Archives
NBC News Services
Great American Stock
The State (Columbia, SC)

Selections from
Pieces of the Quilt ©1993
By permission of
Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.

Tape to Film
Haunt Rama
Linda Statler

Dolby Stereo

Special Acknowledgement to Tran Tuong Nhu and Brenda Lewis without whom this reunion would never have occurred.

In memory of
Stuart Dolgin
7/21/49 - 7/2/01

This program was produced by Interfaze Educational Productions, Inc.,
which is solely responsible for its content.

© 2002 Interfaze Educational Productions, Inc.

For American Experience

Senior Producer
Mark Samels

Executive Producer
Margaret Drain

Funded in part by:
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Open Society Institute
Zellerbach Family Fund
W. A. Gerbode Foundation
Film Arts Foundation
A complete list of underwriters is available from ITVS

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