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Adoption Resources

"I've always wanted to know about my birth mom," Heidi Bub recalls. "I still had memories, but as the years went, the picture of her face in my mind was fading. That's why I had to find her..."

For many adopted children, that sense of needing to find family can be all-encompassing. And for parents who adopt children, the need for information and resources is equally great. Consult these Web sites as a starting point to learn more about adoption.

ComeUnity: Vietnam Adoption
Volunteers Allison and Rick Martin maintain a large Web site for the adoption community, including this section on Vietnam adoption. The site contains newsletters, how-to articles, personal accounts, book reviews, support groups and more.

Vietnamese Adoptee Network
This Web site's mission is to connect Vietnamese adoptees around the world.

Holt International Children's Services
Heidi Bub's adoption agency, Holt, provides international adoption statistics from the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service on its Web site.

Precious Cargo: Resources
The Web site of another PBS documentary, Precious Cargo, includes links to other Vietnam and adoption resources.

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