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The Last Orphan

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Day after day for over three decades, Gary Trudeau has presented his views on American politics and life in his Pulitzer Prize-winning comic strip, Doonesbury.

Approaching the topics of the day with wit and insight, Trudeau's cartoons are often controversial -- and always relevant. His characters -- including Mike, B.D., Zonker, Joanie, and Mr. Butts, the spokesproduct of the tobacco industry -- have become a part of American culture.

When Operation Babylift made headlines in spring 1975, a new character, the last orphan out of Vietnam, appeared in Doonesbury. Through this character, Kim Rosenthal, Trudeau tackled the complicated issues of the Babylift.

The Last Orphan
Enjoy this gallery of Kim Rosenthal Doonesbury cartoons.

All cartoons are © 1975 G. B. Trudeau. Used by permission of the artist and Universal Press Syndicate. All rights reserved.

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