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Teacher's Guide: Hints for the Active Learning Questions

1. Mai Thi Kim's letter might express her regret that the issue of financial support was raised in the manner in which it was (or raised at all) and might restate her unconditional love for her daughter. Heidi Bub's letter might state that she does want a relationship with her Vietnamese family despite her discomfort at the end of the trip. The students' letters should provide the students' own opinions and suggestions.

2. For example, students might describe how relatives who were immigrants have adjusted to American life, what signs of ethnic diversity they see in their neighborhood, or what they know or would like to know about the countries from which their family came.

1. Students can obtain some of the necessary information from the two cities' Web sites:
Danang, Vietnam:
Pulaski, Tennessee:

2. Students should note that many wealthy countries are in Europe and North America, while many poor countries are in Africa and Asia. While the reasons for this continue to be debated among experts, some of the factors that are frequently cited are natural resources, degree of political and economic freedom, and political stability. Vietnam ranks #104 on this list; the United States ranks #2.


1. Students with a limited background on the Vietnam War will need to consult outside sources, such as an encyclopedia or a historical survey of the war, to complete the activity.

2. You may prefer to select one of these topics for the entire class to research and then discuss as a class.


1. The parents should weight the material advantages that adoption can provide their child against the loss of contact with the child's natural parents.

2. Estimates for the cost of raising a child are provided by an annual publication by the United States Department of Agriculture entitled Expenditures on Children by Families. The most recent reports are available online. The report for 2001 estimates that a middle-income, two parent family will spend between $9,000 and $10,000 per year on a child; total costs during the child's first 17 years would be approximately $170,000. (These figures do not take future inflation into account.)

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