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Public Enemy #1

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Reports on Dillinger
Under the Freedom of Information Act, the FBI offers page images of the original agents' reports on John Dillinger.

Famous Cases: Dillinger
Walk through history on the FBI's Famous Cases Web site, which includes their version of the Dillinger story.

Gangland Chicago
From the Chicago Historical Society, browse a collection of artifacts related to the dirty days of Windy City gangster crime. See a portable still used during Prohibition, Al Capone's mug shot, and Dillinger's death mask.

The Crime Library
This site, maintained by the Court TV network, includes in-depth articles on a range of criminals, from terrorists to gangsters to serial killers. Warning: some material is quite graphic.

A Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection
Michael E. Grost, a mystery fan who lives near Detroit, has written this handy guide to mystery and detective fiction. His essays on Pulp Fiction explore the stories of writers like Carroll John Daly, Raymond Chandler, and Dashiell Hammett, author of the classic 1929 crime story, "The Maltese Falcon."

The Pulp Zone
Enter the Pulp Zone and learn all about the golden age of the pulps, including the serial tales of detectives, criminals, and gangsters that were the mainstay of popular culture in Dillinger's time. Includes information on The Shadow, one of the most exciting pulp heroes ever created.

This site contains comprehensive links to other pulp resources, profiles of The Shadow, Doc Savage, and the Spider, and a useful FAQ with links to pulp discussion lists. The Pulp.History section includes several amazing images of 1930s newstands overflowing with pulp magazines.

Greatest Films
Read a detailed plot summary with dialogue from the 1931 James Cagney crime classic, The Public Enemy.

Web Sites | Books

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