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Public Enemy #1

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Primary Sources

A Letter from "Hubby"
Read the longing letter Dillinger wrote his wife after almost four years in prison.

A Note Before a Jailbreak
Dillinger contacted his family in the winter of 1934, shortly before his famous escape from the Lake County Jail.

Dillinger Fan Mail
An elderly woman credited God for helping Dillinger escape; read Dillinger's lawyer's reply.

Some Anti-Dillinger Laws
Explore tough new crime laws enacted by the federal government in late spring 1934.

'What I Knew About John Dillinger' -- By His Sweetheart
After Dillinger's death, his girlfriend, Evelyn Frechette, told her story to a Chicago paper.

'Dillinger's Last Hours -- With Me' -- By His Sweetheart.
Polly Hamilton, Dillinger's companion after Frechette was arrested, recalled Dillinger's last days.

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