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Public Enemy #1

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Primary Sources: A Letter from "Hubby"

The 25-year-old Dillinger wrote this letter to his first wife, Beryl Hovious, while serving time in the Indiana State Reformatory in Pendleton. At the time of this letter, dated August 18, 1928, Dillinger did not realize that his 20-year-old wife was contemplating a divorce.

My dearest wife,
Received your sweet letter Tuesday even the only one this week and I'm still waiting for that interview. Gee honey I would like to see you. Hubert wrote to me last week. I would sure like to see him if he wants to come see me. Let me know and I will send him the carfare I hope Sis is getting along allright and all the rest of the folks are well. Sweetheart aren't you ashamed for getting mad at Hubby over that letter when you ought to have known that I would have wrote if I could. You were mad now weren't you and I come very near not writing at all last time. I hope you are not worrying about how your going to keep me home with you after I get out, as sweet as you are you can let me do the worrying. Dearest we will be so happy when I can come home to you and chase your sorrows away and it wont take any kids to keep me home with you allways. For sweetheart I love you so all I want is to just be with you and make you happy. I wonder if I will get an interview Monday, I sure hope so for I am dying to see you. Darling have some pictures taken, every time I see you, you look dearer and sweeter to me so I want late pictures. Now say rassberries but honey it's the truth. I sure am crazy about you. . . . Write soon and come sooner.

Love from Hubby

From Girardin, G. Russell, with William J. Helmer, Dillinger: The Untold Story. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1994, p. 18.

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