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Public Enemy #1

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Primary Sources: Dillinger Fan Mail

Dillinger's lawyer, Louis Piquett, wrote this friendly reply to Eulalia Callender, an elderly woman who wrote him of her belief that Dillinger must only have been able to escape the Crown Point Jail with the help of God.

Law Offices
Suite 2110
228 N. Lasalle St.

Telephones Central 8847 8848

March 7, 1934

Mrs. Eulalia Callender
Galion, Ohio.

My Dear Mrs. Callender,
Yours of March 7th, received and read with great deal of interest. Let me say in behalf of my client I certainly appreciate a very tender feeling reading between the lines of your short message. I can clearly realize the trend of your beautiful heart.

I will undertake seriously to have the message delivered to my client in person. You may rest assured that I am perfectly safe in saying that the party in question will be most appreciative of your very sweet offerings and thought. I, like you believe that it was the hand of God that enabled this young Christian soul to live on.

From my experience with the party in question, I can safely tell you that he will rob no banks, but it is his firm intention to travel in the path of righteousness. He is a great student of the Bible. The last conversation I had with him he had told me that it was his intention to vie the balance of his life in this world to God, and beyond any doubt your sweet prayers have had a great deal to do with this deliverance.

I will be most happy to talk in person with as sweet a mind as I think you have, so if any time in the near future you feel well enough to come to Chicago you may meet me at my office address. I will be more than glad to discuss this matter with you further.

With very deepest appreciation for your very kind and thoughtful message, I beg to remain yours very sincerely and truly,
Louis P Piquett

From Girardin, G. Russell, with William J. Helmer, Dillinger: The Untold Story. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1994, p. 93.

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