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Public Enemy #1

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Dillinger's Last Year Alive

Map of Dillinger's bank robberies.

Follow Dillinger and his gang of "auto bandits" through the last year of their crime spree. This map shows the sites of Dillinger's bank robberies throughout the Midwest.

June 10, 1933
New Carlisle, Ohio
Dillinger robs the National Bank of $10,600.

July 17, 1933
Daleville, Indiana
Dillinger robs the Commercial Bank of $3,500.

August 4, 1933
Montpelier, Indiana
Dillinger, Harry Copeland and Sam Goldstein rob the First National Bank of $10,000.

August 14, 1933
Bluffton, Ohio
With Copeland and Goldstein, Dillinger robs the Citizens National Bank of $2,100.

September 6, 1933
Indianapolis, Indiana
Dillinger, Copeland, and Goldstein rob the State Bank of Massachusetts Avenue of $25,000.

October 23, 1933
Greencastle, Indiana
Dillinger and his gang rob the Central National Bank of $75,000.

November 20, 1933
Racine, Wisconsin
The Dillinger gang robs the American Bank & Trust Co. of $27,000, wounding two people, and taking hostage another three.

January 15, 1934
East Chicago, Indiana
Dillinger, John Hamilton and the rest of his gang rob the First National Bank of $20,000, during which Hamilton is wounded and Patrolman William Patrick O'Malley is killed.

January 25, 1934
Tuscon, Arizona
Dillinger and his gang are arrested during a hotel fire; firefighters recognize the gang from pictures in detective pulp magazines.

January 30, 1934
Crown Point, Indiana
Dillinger is extradited to Lake County Jail on the charge of murdering Officer O'Malley.

March 3, 1934
Crown Point, Indiana
Dillinger and Herbert Youngblood escape from prison by using a "wooden gun," fleeing in the Sheriff Lillian Holley's car with two hostages.

March 6, 1934
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Dillinger and his gang rob the Security National Bank of $49,500.

March 13, 1934
Mason City, Iowa
Dillinger and Hamilton are wounded when the gang robs the First National Bank of $52,000.

March 14, 1934
St. Paul, Minnesota
Wounded members of the Dillinger gang receive medical attention.

March 16, 1934
Port Huron, Michigan
Police kill Youngblood.

March 31, 1934
St. Paul, Minnesota
Dillinger, Homer Van Meter, and Billie Frechette shoot their way through a police trap. Dillinger's wounds are treated.

April 5, 1934
Mooresville, Indiana
Dillinger takes Frechette home to see his father and family.

April 7, 1934
Noblesville, Indiana
Dillinger and his half brother crash their car; Dillinger hides in a haystack until the repairs are finished.

April 9, 1934
Chicago, Illinois
Dillinger and Frechette go out to dinner at State & Austin Tavern; Frechette is caught by the FBI, but Dillinger escapes.

April 13, 1934
Warsaw, Indiana
Dillinger and Van Meter loot a police station for guns and ammunition.

April 17, 1934
Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
The gang is tipped off about police trap in Louisville, and meet up with Hamilton's sister instead.

April 22, 1934
Mercer, Wisconsin
Dillinger and gang shoot their way through a police trap at Little Bohemia Lodge, killing one officer and wounding another two.

May 27, 1934
Chicago, Illinois
Dillinger and Van Meter undergo plastic surgery.

June 22, 1934
Chicago, Illinois
Dillinger marks his 31st birthday at the French Casino nightclub with Polly Hamilton; the FBI officially designates him public enemy #1.

June 30, 1934
South Bend, Indiana
The Dillinger gang robs the Merchants National Bank of $30,000, killing one officer and wounding four bystanders.

July 22, 1934
Chicago, Illinois
Dillinger is gunned down as he exits the Biograph Theatre with Hamilton and Anna Sage.

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