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Public Enemy #1

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The many faces of John DillingerAre criminals born or made?

On the one hand, John Dillinger was constantly getting into trouble, even as a boy, and he deserted from the Navy after only five months. On the other, Dillinger's father beat him when he was a child, and he learned all about crime from other inmates when he was in the Michigan City, Indiana, prison.

Do you think Dillinger was born to be bad, and would have turned to crime no matter what his personal experiences were growing up?

Or do you think he became an outlaw only after life experiences pointed him in that direction?


Born to be bad

Learned a life of crime

Did you watch the film, "Public Enemy #1"?
(Please vote "yes" if you watched at least half of the film.)




If yes, did it influence your answers?




I do not wish to vote but would like to see the current results

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