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The Film and More
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The American Experience
The Film & More
Film Credits

Produced and Directed by
Mark Zwonitzer

Written by
Richard Ben Cramer

Mark Zwonitzer

Edited by
Bruce Shaw

Narrated by
Richard Ben Cramer

Associate Producer
Laura McKellar

Director of Photography
Michael Chin

Original Music Composed by
Brian Keane

Music Kosersky
Rena Kosersky

Juan Rodriguez
Sara Chin

Assistant Camera
Jill Tufts
Otis Bess

Sound Editor
Dan Korientus

Assistant Sound Editor
Jamie Lowry

Digital Imaging
and Photo Research

Lauren Harder

Helen Weiss
Diane Hamilton
Tiffany Romain

Research Assistant
Claire Cherlin

Production Associate
Damian Williams

Jon Fontana

Production Assistants
Hank Flynn
Jerome Cheng

Kate Tanizen

Sound Mixer
Dominick Tavella

On-Line Editor
Alvin Bowens

Photo Animation
Nick Marvoson

Susan Bailey

Archival Footage and Photographs
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
ABCNews VideoSource
John E. Allen, Inc.
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Archive Films and Photos
Brown Brothers, Sterling, Pennsylvania
Bruno Bernard, courtesy Bernard of Hollywood Pub.,Renaissance Road, Inc.
California Historical Society
The Clip Joint for Film
Corbis Images
Culver Pictures
Bob DeFlores Film Archives
Everett Collection
F.I.L.M Archives
Grinberg Film Libraries
Historic Films
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The Image Bank Film New York
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National Baseball Hall of Fame Library
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The New-York Historical Society
New York Public Library
Oregon Historical Society
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San Francisco Public Library
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The Sporting News
Streamline Stock Footage
Time-Life Syndication
UCLA Film and Television Archive
The WPA Film Library
Louis Wolfson II Media History Center

Special Thanks
Irene Selver
Geta and Bina Spatola
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Sabella
Vince and Emily Marino
The Molinari Family
Tim Lilliquist, San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department
John Sanders and the Moscone Grounds Keeping Staff
Steve Finch and Brent Turley
Randy DiMartini and the Salesian Boys and Girls Club
Dante Santora
San Francisco Film and Video Arts Commission

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