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Jerry Coleman, New York Yankee Second Baseman1948-1955, on
signing autographs

Jerry Coleman

Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams went to see George Bush in the White House, and there's a comical story about this because when he got in there -- you know, he hated signing balls and bats and stuff like that -- they handed him a dozen balls to sign. He said, even the president wants balls.

It's a great story, but it's true. You know, everybody wanted his autograph. It was incredible. I've done one autograph show and it happened this way. This man that I knew very well asked me to do an autograph and I don't like to do those. But anyway, I said, alright I'll do it. I said, "Who have you got on Saturday?" He said, "We got Ruzutto on Saturday and we got you on Sunday." "And who else?" "We got DiMaggio." I said, "What do you want us for?"

But Joe patiently -- and I must say, patiently -- signed all day the Sunday that I was there for four or five hours and apparently the day before. And he could handle that. But when he was on the platform to do what he had to do, he was ok. But just don't walk up to him and stick a ball in his face and say, would you sign this Joe, he wouldn't do it then.

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