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Jerry Coleman, New York Yankee Second Baseman1948-1955, on
Joe's last charge

Jerry Coleman

There was a game in Philadelphia when he was, like 299.9 or 300, right at the borderline of 300. Now, 300 to me would have been, oh, that's wonderful. If I hit 298, well, that's good too. DiMaggio was 300 or nothing. Because that represented what great baseball was all about.

And he hit a line drive, maybe 2 or 3 games to go, and it was caught. And he was mumbling -- he always talked to himself a little bit. And he said, "How did I look, how did I look?" And I'm thinking, "Why is he asking me how he looks?" So, I said, "Joe you look great."

But he was very visibly aware that things weren't going the way he wanted them to go. And he eventually ended up hitting like 300.9 or 301 or whatever. Just finished over 300, which concluded the season on a successful note for him.

And in 1950 as well, if you recall, the second game of the World Series, he hit a homerun in the 10th inning to win it. And I think that was the last real, I guess, call to arms for DiMaggio. That homerun in the 10th inning off of Robin Roberts won the ball game -- I think it was second game. And I think that's what he felt greatest about. That was the last big charge.

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