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Tom Heinrich, New York Yankee Outfielder 1937-1950, on
being on the field with Joe

Tom Heinrich

I think the way we played, we were a bit lucky that there was never a time that the two of us ran for the ball -- and neither one of us are sure of catching it -- that we hit each other. I think we're lucky. But by and large, it was a cinch out there for the two of us. Why? Because if I want the ball, call for it. And DiMaggio gives it to me every time. If I called for it, that's yours. But if I didn't open my mouth, get out of the way. Because that ball ain't going to drop. DiMaggio knows he's home free. Get out of his way because he's going to get it. That was our system.

Q: Did he ever call for a ball?

A: I don't remember him ever opening his mouth on a ball. That's a fact.

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