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Tom Heinrich, New York Yankee Outfielder 1937-1950, on
hitting with a strange bat

Tom Heinrich

We were in Washington. He had just tied the American league record; now he's going after Ciseros. And it's a double header in Washington. And, I'm the third hitter. And as I'm going up, the first time at bat, I'm heading for home plate and I hear behind me, just this one word: "Tom." I said, "What the heck is this -- that's DiMaggio." And I turned around. I says, "What?" He says, "You got my ball bat." And I walked to him and I says, "Joe, I got one of your ball bats. Let me see it." And he took a look at it and says, "somebody took my ball bat." Ok. That's more emotion than you ever saw from the streak. That he has to go up there with a strange bat.

Oh yeah, and he hit a line drive to right centerfield for the third out. And I passed him going to right field and he was going over to center and he absolutely said this. "If that had been my ball bat, it would have been in there." So you want to know how concerned he was. That's how concerned he was. You could feel it all over.

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