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1900 February: Baseball’s American League is founded.
1914 August: Triggered by the murder of Archduke Francis Ferdinand in Sarajevo, European nations stumble into war. By the end of August, 17 million men are involved in what will become the bloodiest war in history.

November: On the 25th of November, Joseph Paul DiMaggio is born in Martinez, California. He is the eighth of nine children of Giuseppe and Rosalie DiMaggio, a Sicilian couple who immigrated to America at the turn of the century.
1922 October: For the first time, a World Series game is broadcast on radio. Broadcasters for station WJZ of Newark, New Jersey describe each play to an estimated five million people along the eastern seaboard.
1927 May: Charles Lindbergh is the first person to fly across the Atlantic solo. He lands in Le Bourget Airport to a waiting throng of 100,000 Parisians. The 33-hour flight in the Spirit of St. Louis makes Lindbergh an overnight hero.

dimaggioSeptember:The 32-year-old Babe Ruth hits home run number 60. All the people in attendance wave handkerchiefs in his honor.
1929 October: After climbing to record heights, the stock market collapses, launching a worldwide economic crisis. The infamous day, October 24, is called Black Thursday. One report says that at least 11 market speculators commit suicide after hearing the news.
1930 Spring: The 16-year-old DiMaggio drops out of Galileo High. He takes a job at an orange-juice bottling plant, which he described as "a lousy way to make a living." He later works as a laborer at the docks and in a cannery. He then tries his hand at delivering groceries and loading trucks. He begins spending more time playing baseball at the dairy-wagon parking lot near San Francisco’s wharf
1931 Empire State BuildingMay: The tallest building ever constructed, the 102-story Empire State Building, is crowned in New York City. It immediately becomes New York City’s signature building.
1932 March: Joe’s older brother Vince makes the roster of the minor league team, the San Francisco Seals. When a shortstop is needed later in the season, Vince recommends his kid brother, Joe.
1933 October: In his first full season with the San Francisco Seals, DiMaggio hits .340, pounding out 28 home runs and knocking in 169 runs. He also puts together a 61-game hitting streak.
1934 November: Seals owner Charlie Graham sells DiMaggio to the Yankees for $25,000 and five players. The one condition is that the 19-year-old center fielder spend the 1935 season playing again with San Francisco.
1935 February: A declining George Herman "Babe" Ruth, who helped make baseball a national obsession in the 1920s, is released by the Yankees at age 39.

May: President Roosevelt pushes a button in the White House that lights up Crosley Field in Cincinnati for a game between the Reds and the Phillies. The first illuminated night game in the major league begins.
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