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The Film and More
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The American Experience
The Film & More
Film Credits

Directed by
Carl Byker
Mitch Wilson

Written by
Carl Byker
David Mrazek

Produced by
Carl Byker

Director of Photography
Mitch Wilson

Stosh Jarecki

David Mrazek

Music by
David Vanacore

Narrated by
Linda Hunt

Hamilton’s voice
Renee Auberjonois

Burr’s voice
Brian Dennehy

Hamilton portrayed by
Russell Hunston

Burr portrayed by
Alan Semok

Associate Producer
Unit Production Manager
Jack Combs

Costume Designer
Shura Pollatsek

Sound Supervisor/Design
Paul N.J. Ottosson

Mixed by
Tom Huth
Andre Caporaso

Post Production Sound by
Digital Sound Works

Edited at Rita Scott’s
Digital Symphony

Assistant Camera
Benjamin Wolf

Anthony Parks

Post-Production Coordinator
Teresa Fitzgerald

Additional Voices
Guy Boyd
Victor Raider-Wexler
Keith De Brunner
Ed Trotta

Additional actors
Jim Jacobson
Rick Washburn
Mikus Matiss
Harry Yearwood
Glenys Flaitz
Stan Stone

Burr’s Home
Montgomery Place
Annandale on Hudson, New York

Hamilton’s Home
The John Jay Homestead
Katonah, New York

Archival Footage
American Antiquarian Society
Independence National Historical Park
Prints and Photograph Collection, The Library of Congress
Museum of the City of New York
The New Jersey Historical Society
The New-York Historical Society

Special Thanks to
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Eastman Kodak
Rose Calabrese, Laser Pacific
St. Kitts and Nevis Dept. of Tourism
Mt. Nevis Hotel and Beach Club
Historic Hudson Valley
The Old Dutch Church, Tarrytown
Historical Documents Company, Philadelphia

Executive Producer for
Oregon Public Broadcasting
Dave Davis

Executive in Charge for
Oregon Public Broadcasting
John Lindsay

On-Air Promotion
Frank Capria
James Dunford

Post Production
Maureen Barden
Raymond Powell

Field Production
Larry LeCain
Bob McCausland
Chas Norton
Tom Doran

Series Designers
Alison Kennedy
Chris Pullman

Title Animation
Lizard Lounge Graphics, Inc.

Online Editor
Mark Steele

Series Theme
Charles Kuskin

Series Theme Adaptation
Michael Bacon

Business Manager
Christine Larson

Project Administration
Nancy Farrell
Helen R. Russell
Andre Jones

Interactive Media
Rick Groleau
Danielle Dell'Olio
Gary Miller

Daphne B. Noyes
Johanna Baker

Coordinating Producer
Susan Mottau

Series Editor
Joseph Tovares

Senior Producer
Mark Samels

Executive Producer
Margaret Drain

Produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting
and Red Hill Productions for
The American Experience

©2000 WGBH Educational Foundation
All rights reserved

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