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Thomas Fleming on
Burr's character

Thomas Fleming Q: Describe Aaron Burr's character.

A: Charm is the leading edge of Aaron Burr's character. He was, in that sense, the opposite of Hamilton -- where, Hamilton turned on the charm -- but the combativeness was really more the leading edge of his character. With Burr, the combativeness was always concealed by this really tremendous charm. People really liked him, both men and women but especially women. He was immensely appealing to women/ He had these cold black eyes, and, after his wife died, he was a widower and had many, many women.

He was a very good officer in the revolution. He was a regimental colonel and was a commander in what they called a neutral ground up in Westchester. This was very tough work; he had to deal with the loyalists and the neutrals and the suspected spies. He wore his health down until he finally collapsed, but the men that followed him in his regiment really admired him and they obeyed his orders. They thought a lot of him, and he had that capacity to attract a following both among men in the army and then here in New York. He had a group of men around him that his daughter Theadocia called the tenth legion, a reference to CaesarŐs famous tenth legion who were the shock troops that Caesar threw into a bowel when things really got tough. The tenth legion would follow Burr anywhere, into any kind of political combat; they just believed in him and they were the guys that worked twenty-four hours a day along with him in the political wars in New York.

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