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Joanne Freeman on
Burr's approach to politics

Joanne Freeman Q: Describe Burr's approach to politics.

A: In many ways, Burr is seemingly modern, as a politician. Because he was amazingly skilled at winning people over.... He actually was not normally hiding the fact that he was out trying to do something politically, but he was what one of his friends called a "mighty winning fellow." And he was charming; he would win you over to his cause. He was really skilled, and this actually terrified many observers, at attracting groups of young men who considered him a war hero. And he loved to see himself as a war hero. He had this sort of troop of young men running around in the streets, doing his political bidding. And because they were young, they were capable of doing things that an older politician might feel was beneath him. So he has this core of dedicated people running around doing what he wants, who seem to follow him where ever he goes. He was a real political force in many ways.

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