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Theodosia Prevost

Aaron Burr romanced uncounted women during his lifetime, but only one of those women ever enraptured him completely -- Theodosia Prevost. When the two met, Burr was an officer in the Continental Army. Ten years his elder, she was the widow of a British officer. Theodosia lacked the beauty of some of Burr's previous loves, but what she did possess was a highly educated, razor sharp mind -- a quality largely unknown in a society which placed little emphasis on the education of women.

Aaron Burr and Theodosia Prevost were married on July 2, 1782. Theodosia gave birth to four children, three of whom died in infancy. The fourth, a girl named after her mother, was one of the great joys of Burr's life. He took great pains to educate her, and promised to make her the equal of any man. When his wife died in 1794, Burr was devastated. From that moment on, he focused his love on his daughter, who would serve as his refuge during his darkest days.

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