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Secrets of a Master Builder

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U.S.S. Cairo Gunboat and Museum
The U.S.S. Cairo, one of Eads' seven ironclad Civil War gunboats, is preserved in a museum at Vicksburg National Memorial Park in Mississippi. Visit the Park Service's web site for more information on the structure and history of the boat.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
The New Orleans District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers hosts a Web site with a wealth of information on water management and other projects near the mouth of the Mississippi River.

The Great Mississippi River Historical Gallery and Archive
This project, jointly sponsored by the U.S. Mississippi River Commission and Boise State University, presents resources on the river's history and management. The site features an impressive annotated bibliography.

Missouri Historical Society
The Missouri Historical Society's collection of Eads papers includes material on the New Orleans jetties and on his appointment as an original member of the Mississippi River Commission.

Washington University in St. Louis Library, Special Collections
James Eads' archive of original construction drawings, including the ones featured in the American Experience Gallery, is housed at Washington University in St. Louis.

Building Big
A five-part PBS television series and Web site from WGBH Boston explores large structures and what it takes to build them. Visit the Building Big Web site to find out more about the stories and the engineering behind several types of structures, including bridges.

Books | Web sites | Periodicals

James Eads

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St. Louis

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Mississippi River

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Periodicals | Web sites | Books

James Eads

Kouwenhoven, John. "The Designing of the Eads Bridge." Technology and Culture, October 1982

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St. Louis

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