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The Great San Francisco Earthquake
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Temporary structures set up in front of homes, the foreground bears a hand written sign "Palace Hotel Grill" "The bed was sliding around like a kite," recalled Sam Faix. "The front of the building just collapsed," said Newton Kevie. "I remember having nightmares for a long time," Alice Fun said, "remembering... all the redness in the moon or sun."

Faix, Kevie and Fun all survived the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906, and told American Experience their stories when they were interviewed in the late 1980s.

You probably don't remember the 1906 earthquake, unless you are well over 100 years old. But have you experienced an earthquake first-hand, anywhere in the world?

Send us your story, and we'll post the best ones here.

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The Great San Francisco Earthquake American Experience

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