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The Film and More
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The American Experience
The Film & More
Film Credits

Written, Produced and Directed by
James A. DeVinney

Barbara Moran

Eric Handley

Judith Light

Voice of Eastman
Peter Gallagher

Director of Photography
Gerardo Puglia

Brian Keane

Production Assistant
Shannon Densmore

Additional Camera
Roger Chapman
Brian Dowley

Gregg Goodhew
John Cameron
John Curtis
John Miller
Peter Winter

Assistant Camera
Karl Goldsmith
Michael Timney
Melissa Donovan

Bob Shils

Bob Watson

Set Design, Wardrobe & Makeup
Marlene Maggio

Set Dressing and Makeup
Lynn Catalano

Mark Adrian
Guy Balotine
David Burgwardt
Robert Caswell
Cachelle Guadagnino
Dick Mullaney
Karen Noske
Mark Osterman

Bruce Frank

Music Recording / Mix
Little Big Feet Studios
Brian Keane
Jeff Frez-Albrecht

Photo Animation
The Frame Shop
Ed Joyce

Snapshot Sequences
Viewpoint Glenn Robbins, Art Director

Sound Editors
Deb Driscoll
Geof Thurber

Sound Mix
Heart Punch Studio
Greg McCleary

Medallion / PFA Film & Video

On-Line Editor
Paul Deakin

Lorraine Grant

Reese V. Jenkins
Thomas J. Schlereth
John M. Staudenmaier, S.J.

Footage Provided By
Archive Films
British Film
Institute Historic
Films Hot Shots / Cool Cuts Kodak, Limited
The George Eastman House
The WPA Film Library

Lengthened Shadow of a Man film footage courtesy of Eastman Kodak Company. Kodak is a trademark.

Photographs Provided By
Bausch & Lomb
Boston Public Library
Carol King
F. Aldyth Conover and Jean Rhodes
Chicago Tribune Company
Marjorie Stuber
Cleveland Colorado Historical Society
Denver Public Library
Eastman Kodak Company (Kodak is a trademark)
Kodak, Limited The George Eastman House Library of Congress
The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television (UK)
New Jersey Historical Society
The New York Times
Rochester City Archives
Rochester Public Library
United States Patent Office
University of Rochester, Rare Books Department

Special Thanks
Amy Barnum
George Eastman
Dryden Mary
V. Flynn
Peter Wisbey, Genesee Country Village & Museum Letchworth State Park
Ruth Rosenberg-Naparsteck
France Osterman
Rochester Film Office
Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church


On-Air Promotion
James Dunford
Maureen Barden

Post Production
Maureen Barden
Raymond Powell

Field Production
Larry LeCain
Bob McCausland
Chas Norton
Robert Thomkins

Series Designers
Alison Kennedy Chris Pullman

Title Animation
Lizard Lounge Graphics, Inc.

Online Editor
Mark Steele

Series Theme
Charles Kuskin

  Series Theme ADAPTATION
Michael Bacon

Christine Larson

  Project Administration
Nancy Farrell
Helen R. Russell
Andre Jones
Rebekah Suggs

Interactive Media
Rick Groleau
Danielle Dell'Olio

Daphne B. Noyes
Johanna Baker

Coordinating Producer
Susan Mottau

Series Editor
Joseph Tovares

Senior Producer
Mark Samels


Executive Producer
Margaret Drain

  A Green Light Productions, Inc. Film For The American Experience

  ©2000 WGBH Educational Foundation All rights reserved

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