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Colin Harding, on:
George Dickman

Colin Harding Q: Dickman eventually replaced Walker. What was the relationship between Eastman and Dickman?

George Eastman first met George Dickman and Mrs. Dickman on board ship, when they were traveling across to London. In fact, this is the only occasion when Eastman traveled with his mother, first and only visit to Europe. And the couples seemed to hit it off very well, very quickly. And when they reached London, George Eastman was quite happy for Mrs. Dickman in particular to look after his mother, to take her out on shopping excursions, and to act as a chaperone when he got on with business. The friendship extended between the two Georges. Eastman and Dickman had a lot in common. They were both well traveled, well educated men. And Eastman seemed to warm to Dickman, and a personal friendship soon developed. And when a vacancy arose, Eastman promoted George Dickman as being the ideal man to step into the breach.

Q: What was Dickman like?

Not a great deal seems to be known about the personality of Dickman. But we do know that he was a Quaker, and he seemed to be certainly an industrious man, a sober, serious man, but also a man who was able to enjoy himself. I think probably his industry appealed to Eastman, because certainly Eastman realized that in Dickman he had a willing workhorse, and he certainly was willing to exploit that fully.

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