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Kodak Music: You Press the Button, We Do the Rest

Music Sheet cover ( Real Audio | MP3 )

We're living at a rapid pace I vow,
These times are filled with fancies strange and queer,
Electric snaps are now familiar things,
New wonders great are bobbing up each year.

In olden days for pictures they would sit,
In attitude like this an awful guy!
But now a days the Kodak changes that,
And photographs are captured on the fly!

Isn't it simple? Isn't it quick?
Such a small box, It must be a trick!
How do you work it? What is the test!
You press the button, we do the rest!

No longer is a cottage small our home,
Apartment buildings come to take their place,
We all before the janitor bow down,
The elevator boys the toughest case!

He's always down when you are at the top,
When you're in haste, he's reading or asleep!
You ring an hour and then an hour you wait,
You swear and he replies, well walkin's cheap.

Isn't it tiresome? Isn't it slow?
He makes you wait above or below,
Oh what a nuisance! Oh what a pest!
You press the button, he takes a rest!

Last week I traveled far into the West,
To Iowa and Kansas both I went,
And plainly saw how Prohibition works,
'Twas funny just as an experiment.

A hotel man may keep a stock of drugs,
And when the thirsty pilgrim seeks the bar,
The clerk, with many smiles will read the rules,
As posted ont9he door and there you are!

One ring for water, Two rings for ice,
Three for a lemon, or sugar or spice.
Don't give the snap away, This their request!
You press the button, They do the rest!

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