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Edison Recordings

The Edison company produced these five tunes between 1919 and 1926, in West Orange, New Jersey. Also included is a re-enactment of the first words recorded on a phonograph.

These sound files are courtesy of the Edison National Historic Site, National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior.


Jazz de Luxe-fox trot ( MP3 )
Performed by: Earl Fuller's Famous Jazz Band
Composed by: Earl Fuller
Edison Diamond Disc
Recording Date: 1919

Sweet Man Joe ( Lyrics | MP3 )
Performed by: Josie Miles, Bubber Miley, Arthur Ray
Edison Diamond Disc Test-Pressing
Recording Date: 1924

Charleston-fox trot ( MP3 )
Performed by: The Golden Gate Orchestra
Composed by: Cecil Mack & Jimmy Johnson
Edison Diamond Disc
Recording Date: 1925

Black Bottom Stomp-fox trot ( MP3 )
Performed by: Red Miff's Stompers
Composed by: Jelly Roll Morton
Edison Diamond Disc
Recording Date: 1926

Fire! (An "Alarming" Novelty) fox trot ( Lyrics | MP3 )
Performed by: Earl Oliver's Jazz Babies, Tom Howard
Composed by: Byron Gay & Richard Whiting
Edison Diamond Disc
Recording Date: 1926

Early recordings by Thomas Edison

Mary Had a Little Lamb ( MP3 )
Performed by Thomas Alva Edison
1927 re-enactment of the first sound recording in 1877.
"The first words I spoke in the original phonograph. A little piece of practical poetry. Mary had a little lamb. Its fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go."

Speaking to Mr. Blaine ( MP3 )
Performed by Thomas Alva Edison
This is the earliest known recording of Thomas Edison's voice (1888).

These recordings provided by the Edison National Historic Site. To access more Edison company recordings, visit the site's Sound Recording Collection.
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