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Edison Recordings: Sweet Man Joe Lyrics

Sweet Man Joe ( MP3 | Real Audio )
Performed by: Josie Miles, Bubber Miley, Arthur Ray
Edison Diamond Disc Test-Pressing
Recording Date: 1924

You all are ravin 'bout that lovin' Sam
I mean the one that came from Alabam'
You have a good chance to meet my bo'
He comes from that town named Baltimo'
He's a lovin' man, dresses mighty grand
Sweetest in the land

No one can love me like my sweet man Joe
He does his lovin' so nice and slow
My Joe he treats me so nice and sweet
And I'll be doggone if his lovin' can't be beat
I mean my Joe he really treats me right
Don't have no trouble seein' him each night
And I'll tell the world wherever I go
No one loves me like my sweet man Joe
I'll scream it
Loves me like my sweet man Joe

Now that you met my man, don't flirt around
For he knows better than to turn me down
Cause I'm the key to his bread and meat
He knows my lovin' is nice and sweet
Let me get you I will knock you cold
If you mess with him


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