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Eyes on the Prize
Video and More

Governor George Wallace attempting to block integration at the University of Alabama, June 11, 1963. This Web site explores 25 major events of the Civil Rights Movement, as told in the 14 hours of the Eyes on the Prize television series. Each part of the Story of the Movement section includes resources like newspaper clippings, music, video, image galleries, and quotes from people involved in the movement. A 26th section addresses civil rights in America today.

Use this section of the Web site as a site map organized by type of content. Visit the pages below to see complete lists of all the video and other resources on the site, and to access them directly.

Image Galleries
See a chronological list of all the site's image galleries.

See a complete list of all the site's music clips.

See a chronological list of all the site's video segments.

Newspaper Excerpts
See a chronological list of all the site's newspaper excerpts.

Other Events
See a chronological list of all the pages providing context for the civil rights era.

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