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Winkler Boxing Photographs
Browse selections from Notre Dame's Harry E. Winkler Collection of boxing photographs, including portraits of Henry Armstrong, Tommy Paul, Paulino Uzcudun, and others.

The Brown Bomber: The Man Behind the Fist
Read an illustrated biography of hometown hero Joe Louis from The Detroit News.

Century of Champions: Joe Louis
The Detroit News published this book excerpt about Joe Louis in 1999.

Unforgiveable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson
The companion Web site for a PBS film by Ken Burns explores the life of the controversial early twentieth-century boxer, the champion Joe Louis specifically set out not to emulate.

International Boxing Hall of Fame
The Web site of the International Boxing Hall of Fame provides biographies of enshrinees including Joe Louis and Max Schmeling.

The Cyber Boxing Zone
This extensive Web site delivers information about contemporary and historical boxing, including a monthly newsletter, rankings, interviews, and a boxing encyclopedia.

Harlem 1900-1940
Browse an online exhibit, timeline, and resources on Harlem in the early twentieth century from the Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture at the New York Public Library.

American Experience: Seabiscuit
Learn about another Thirties sports great and radio star, a horse named Seabiscuit. Visit the racetrack, listen to radio calls of Seabiscuit's races, and more.

American Experience: America and the Holocaust
Explore the U.S. response to the Holocaust from the late Thirties through the mid-1940s.

Web Sites | Books

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