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Nazis in the News

Adolf Hitler reviewing the SS Leibstandarte During the Thirties, as Joe Louis and Max Schmeling found fame in the boxing world, a German political movement was rising to international notoriety.

The National Socialist German Workers' Party, a right-wing group known as the Nazis, came to power in early 1933 when their leader, Adolf Hitler, was named German Chancellor. Within a few years, the Nazis had triggered a succession of crises in European relations, sent refugees fleeing from Germany, and brought about a new "war to end all wars" in Europe.


Track the rise of the Nazis in U.S. news reports about five major events.

Hitler Becomes Chancellor, 1933

The Enabling Act, 1933

The Rhineland Crisis, 1936

Kristallnacht, 1938

Germany Invades France, 1940

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