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Ringside Radio

"In the radio days, [Clem McCarthy's] eyes were the only eyes you had. He... never stumbled for a word... there was no pause in the fight. It was just a right and a left and a right -- and this ripping sound of his voice."
-- Ferdie Pacheco, boxing analyst

1938 Louis vs. Schmeling fight, Louis lands punch In the pre-television era of the Thirties, radio was king. Families gathered around their radios to listen to comedies, dramas, the president's fireside chats, and much-anticipated sporting events.

Over 70 million Americans listened to the second match between boxers Joe Louis and Max Schmeling -- the biggest radio audience to that date for a single program. NBC radio announcer Clem McCarthy delivered a blow-by-blow account, as he had two years prior, for the first Louis-Schmeling fight.

Listen to both fights between Joe Louis and Max Schmeling.

The First Match
June 19, 1936

The Rematch
June 22, 1938

Do you love Thirties sports radio? Listen to vintage recordings of Seabiscuit's races!

Audio recordings are provided courtesy of Cayton Sports, Inc.

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