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Ann Baumgartner Carl on: The First Assignment
Ann Baumgartner Carl Q: After graduation, where were you assigned?

Well, we were asked to list what ferry station we would like to be appointed to and then it would be posted where we were supposed to go. But some of the class before us, 3 and 4, had sent some people to do tow target work. They told us it was the best ones, of course, and that we would fly big airplanes and it was really a big, wonderful thing. But one other WASP and I were sent from Sweetwater to Camp Davis in North Carolina, that's right near Wilmington, North Carolina. It was an artillery school and we towed targets and flew other missions. And we had been appointed there to take the place of two girls that had been killed. I was supposed to not say “girls” I'm told by the publisher; you're supposed to say "women." So there was a problem there.

Q: Tell me about the response of the ground crew at Camp Davis?

Well certainly the planes were not in good shape but they had problems keeping them in good shape. But I think the only thing I would say against them is that, you know, the Form 1. They keep a record. After a pilot flies a plane if there's something wrong they write it down. And it's supposed to be taken off the flight line until that's fixed. Well, what they would do was not ground the plane, they'd just write what the problem was and off it would go. And if you didn't read it beforehand, you didn't realize that, you know, something was about to fall off or quit or something.

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