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Ann Baumgartner Carl on: Arriving at Wright Field
Ann Baumgartner Carl Q: When did you arrive at Wright Field?

Well I guess I was at Camp Davis about three months or four, something like that. And, actually the other girl in 5 who was sent down with me to Camp Davis and I were sent to Wright Field to test equipment, WASP equipment, for high altitude and the cold weather. So, while we were there we learned what Wright Field was. That it was the place where equipment, propellers, engines, landing gear and the planes themselves were tested for the Air Force. Actually,Wright Field was attempting to have speedier and safer planes for the Air Force to fly. So wonderful planes were taking off that we had known about, that we didn't know about, and decided we'd like to stay there if we could. So we spoke to them at the head of the Aero Med place where we were doing this flying, this equipment test, and introduced us to the commander of the flight test section. And he rather laughed when we asked to be transferred. He said that he would be delighted to have us come, but first we'd have to prove that we were serious. So we would help the operations officer. So that was O.K. with us. We went back to Camp Davis and kept our fingers crossed and the orders came through. The other girl decided not to do it. I think she wanted to stay with the other girls. And so I was there by myself and I was assigned to fighter flight test. And so that's how we got to Wright Field.

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