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Teresa James on: Men's Reaction to the Women Pilot
Teresa James Q: How did men perceive you? This is a wild thing for a girl to do.

At the beginning, when we were flying Cubs and PT19s, the open cockpit airplanes, we got into some strange situations. One day, we had been flying all day, and we always had to take off our 45 guns that we were required to carry and put them in our chute bags. We were in a small town, I think it was Oklahoma City, and we walked in and there was a bunch of guys in there. In boots, we walk in. This is Virginia who was with us on this. And Virginia Clare was from Wichita Falls, Texas. And she always wore her cowboy boots, but they weren't the heel type they were flat. And she would never put that 45 gun in her parachute bag. She always carried it in her holster, and she was bowlegged. And she wore her hair short like a man, with this cap, this blue cap. And then when she would strut up, but man did she strut and walk up, and then us, we were trying to look like two ladies. And she'd stick her fingers in her pants like this, and you could see the gun, you know, and we'd walk up and ask for a couple of rooms. And the guy thought we were prostitutes. They never heard of a lady pilot and we couldn't convince them no how. That was a real rat trap of a place and we had to pay them. The guy wanted money. We had to pay them by, it looked like a transportation request. It looked like checks. They didn't want to take that government stuff. How did they know what we were. We tried to convince them. These are the kind of situations that we got into, funny things like that happened.

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