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Letter from Harry McKeown to Dora Dougherty Strother

August 2, 1995

Dear Dr. Strothers:

Before you throw this letter into the trash-basket, let me introduce myself. In 1944 I met you with Col. Tibbets and Didi Morman when you brought a B-29 to Clovis AFB, Clovis, N.M. I was the Director of Maintenance & Supply and Base Test Pilot at the time. You came to show us that the B-29 plane was not one to be feared. You were the pilot that day and demonstrated your excellent flying skills and convinced us the B-29 was the plane that any pilot could be proud to fly. From that day on we never had a pilot who didn't want to fly the B-29.

It has been many years but I have never forgotten that day at Clovis and never will. I recently read about you in the Confederate Air Force "Dispatch" dated July/Aug. 1985, that a friend of mine had given me. I have asked the CAF to send this letter on to you and hope that you will receive it. I realize that it was a long time ago, but I still want to thank you for your helping me that day at Clovis. I will admit that I was scared, even though I had just returned from flying B-24s in North Africa. You made the difference in my flying from then on. I wasn't the only pilot that felt this way, and I am sure that they would thank you too if they knew where you were.

The article didn't mention Didi Morman so I assume that she has passed on. She was the Co-pilot that day.

Thank you again and with kindest regards, I remain,

Harry McKeown
Lt. Col. USAF (Ret)
506 Phelps Street
Sumter, S.C. 29150

Courtesy of The Woman's Collection, Texas Woman's University

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