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Zoot-Suits and Parachutes

Zoot-Suits and Parachutes

Before I was a member of the AAFTD
I was a working girl in Washington, D.C.
My boss he was unkind to me, he worked me night and day
I always had the time to work but never the time to play.

Singing zootsuits and parachutes and wings of silver, too
He'll ferry airplanes as his mama used to do.

A long came a pilot, ferrying a plane,
He asked me to go fly with him down in lovers' lane
And I, like a silly fool, thinking it no harm
Cuddled in the cockpit to keep the pilot warm.

Early in the morning before the break of day
He handed me a short-snort bill and this I heard him say
Take this, my darling, for the damage I have done,
For you may have a daughter or you may have a son;
If you have a daughter, teach her how to fly,
If you have a son, put the (censored) in the sky.

The morel of this story as you can plainly see
Is never trust a pilot an inch above the knee,
He'll kiss you and caress you, and promise to be true
And have a girl at every field as all the pilots do.

Courtesy of The Woman's Collection, Texas Woman's University

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