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I'm a Flying Wreck

I'm a Flying Wreck

I'm a flying wreck, a 'riskin' my neck and a helluva pilot too!
A helluva, helluva, helluva, helluva, helluva pilot too!
Like all the jolly good flyers, the gremlins treat me mean
I'm a flyin' wreck, a 'riskin' my neck for the good ole 318!

If I had a PT sir, I'd paint it blue and gold,
I'd take it up 5000 feet and make the damned thing roll!
Oh, if I had a PT sir, I'd fly it off in the sky.
I'd circle over Germany and spit in the Fuehrer's eye!

If I had a civilian check, I'll tell you what I'd do,
I'd pop the stick and break his neck and probably get a "U"
If I had an Army ride, I'd take off without any flaps,
And show him that an easier job would be over fighting Japs!

When the General comes, Sir, to view us in our drill,
We'll do a four winds march, Sir, and check out o'er the hill,
And when he calls "Attention!" We'll click our heels and yell,
"I'm just a raw civilian, sir, and you can go to hell!"

And when the course is over, we won't be good at all,
We'll dine and date in every state and bathe in alcohol!
And when vacation is over, of course we'll all be late
It'll take six months' of LaRue's stuff to get us back in shape!

--Tune "I'm a Flying Wreck
Words by Thelma P. Bryan 43-W-5

Courtesy of The Woman's Collection, Texas Woman's University

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