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    Teresa James was a stunt pilot and barnstormer in the '30s before becoming a flight instructor. In the early '40s in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she taught male army pilots to fly. After the U.S. entered the war, James joined the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS). She flew more P-47 Thunderbolts than any other pilot during the war, as she regularly ferried them from the Republic Factory in Farmingdale, New York to the point of embarkation in Newark, New Jersey. She also has the distinction of ferrying the "10 Grand," which was the 10,000th Thunderbolt off the Republic Aircraft assembly line.

    The following map shows just four ferrying flights flown by James shortly after the establishment of the WAFS. After completing an assignment James would take whatever transportation was available back to base in Wilmington, Delaware, before setting out to deliver another plane. James often had few navigational aids and would have to find her way by comparing maps with landmarks she could see below. Many of the air bases were camouflaged. In poor weather conditions a cross-country trip could take several days.

    Interactive Map: Four Trips of WAFS Pilot Teresa James [100K]

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