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Stephen Foster

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Modern Musicians

Jay Ungar and Molly MasonThomas Hampson, baritone, Jay Ungar, violin, Molly Mason, guitar and David Alpher, piano, are among the hundreds of musicians who have appreciated the enchanting melodies and bittersweet lyrics of Foster's tunes. Hampson says that as he became more familiar with Foster's music he "started finding out what a basic foundation of American music -- both from the Old World and the New World -- there was and is in Stephen Foster." The four artists collaborated and recorded American Dreamer -- a collection of some of Foster's best known songs, a few of which can be heard in the film Stephen Foster.

Click on the audio links below to hear the songs of Stephen Foster as performed by Hampson, Ungar, Mason and Alpher.

Beautiful Dreamer
Open Thy Lattice, Love
Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair

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