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Marcus Garvey: Look For Me in the Whirlwind

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Primary Sources: Support the Black Star Line


Support the Black Star Line and Build A Great Merchant Marine
The Commercial Future of the Continent of Africa Pictured

Now that the world is organizing itself into Race groups, and men everywhere are realizing the value of organized movements, we of the Universal Negro Improvement Association appeal to Negroes everywhere to reorganize, link up your strength, morally, financially, educationally, and physically, because out of this combination of strength will ultimately come the freedom of Africa. Let us buy and build new steamships. Let us float them on the bosom of the seven seas. Let us send them to the farthest ends of the world, carrying out commerce, and our trade. Let us link up, America, South and Central America, and the West Indies. Let us link up America with the great continent of Africa through the steamships of the Black Star Line. The Untold wealth of Africa is yet unexploited. Africa still awaits the Negro explorer. Africa still has her hands outstretched beckoning to her children scattered the world over to come to succor her, and to be the fellow citizens of the scattered sons and daughters of Africa. The disunited units everywhere must first come together, and first pledge themselves to support one great and noble policy, and that policy today is no other than the Universal Negro Improvement Association. Let us support this great Organization everywhere. Let us rally to the colors of the Black Star Line Steamship Company. Let us prepare today, for the tomorrows in the lives of the nations will be so eventful that Negroes everywhere will be called upon to play their part in the survival of the fittest human group.

Marcus Garvey
New York City, February 22, 1921

Excerpt from The Negro World, Vol. X, No. 2. New York, Saturday, February 26, 1921.

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