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Marcus Garvey: Look For Me in the Whirlwind

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Primary Sources: Objectives of the Universal Negro Improvement Association

The Universal Negro Improvement and Conservation Association and African Communities League.
Founded August 1, 1914.

In view of the universal disunity existing among the people of the Negro or African race, and the apparent danger which must follow the continuance of the such a spirit, it has been deemed fit and opportune to found a Society with a universal programme, for the purpose of drawing the peoples of the race together, hence the organization above-named.

All people of Negro or African parentage are requested to join in with us for the propagation and achievement of the following objects.


To establish a Universal Confraternity among the race.
To promote the spirit of race pride and love.
To reclaim the fallen of the race.
To administer to and assist the needy.
To assist in civilizing the backward tribes of Africa.
To strengthen the imperialism of independent African States.
To establish Commissionaries or Agencies in the principal countries of the world for the protection of all Negroes, irrespective of nationality.
To promote a conscientious Christian worship among the native tribes of Africa
To establish Universities, Colleges and Secondary Schools for the further education and culture of the boys and girls of the race.
To conduct a world-wide commercial and industrial intercourse.


To establish educational and industrial colleges for the further education and culture of our boys and girls.
To reclaim the fallen and degraded (especially the criminal class) and help them to a state of good citizenship.
To administer to, and assist the needy.
To promote a better taste for commerce and industry.
To promote a universal confraternity and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and unity among the race.
To help generally in the development of the country.

MARCUS GARVEY, President and Travelling Commissioner
THOS. SMIKLE, Vice-President
EVA ALDRED, President Ladiesí Division
T.A. McCormack, General Secretary
Office: 30 Charles Street, Kingston, Jamaica

Excerpt from Robert A. Hill, ed. The Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers, Volume I, 1826 - August 1919. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1983.

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