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Marcus Garvey: Look For Me in the Whirlwind

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Teacher's Guide: Hints for the Active Learning Questions

1. Oral presentations should include the information noted.

2. (a) Maps should show linkages among North America, the Caribbean, and Africa. (b) The triangular trade was the trade among Europe, Africa, and the Americas in which Africans were forcibly brought to the Americas. That triangular trade was based on the exploitation of people of color through slavery and caused enormous death and suffering. Garvey's goal was to use trade to provide blacks in the Americas and Africa with economic power.

1. (a) The phrase "all men are created equal and entitled to the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" reflects the Declaration of Independence. (b) Just as the American colonists used the Declaration of Independence to assert that their rights were not being respected, the authors of the Declaration of the Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World stated that the rights of blacks were not being respected in many parts of the world.

2. Federal agencies like the FBI spied on Garvey and investigated him; government agents damaged Black Star ships; members of the "Garvey Must Go" campaign urged the federal government to seek ways to prosecute Garvey; the federal government prosecuted Garvey for mail fraud in order to deport him.

1. Posters should be accurate and contain the prescribed elements.

2. Dialogues should accurately reflect the views of the two persons and may include direct quotations taken from the background readings.

1. (a) Garvey raised money by selling shares in the Black Star Line to individuals. (b) He argued that other races were organizing themselves and that blacks needed to organize themselves as well; unity would give blacks the strength to bring freedom to Africa. (c) It was a rare example of a large, black-owned and -operated business and symbolized blacks' potential.

2. Students should support their views.

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