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The Man Behind Hitler
Further Reading

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Nazi Propaganda by Joseph Goebbels, 1933-1945
Professor Randall Bytwerk at Calvin College maintains this collection of Nazi propaganda by Joseph Goebbels, translated into English.

Powers of Persuasion: Poster Art of World War II

This National Archives Web exhibit on American posters from the war divides its contents into two sections. The first shows posters depicting American strength and patriotism. The second presents frightening images about the war's deadly toll.

A Gallery of Nazi Propaganda
This BBC Web site describes the Nazi Party's rise to power and presents six propaganda posters with commentary.

American Experience: America and the Holocaust
The companion site to another American Experience program explores the U.S. response to the Holocaust through the story of one family of German Jews and their struggle to reunite in America. The site features maps of the Holocaust.

American Experience: The Nuremberg Trials
This companion site tells the story of what happened to surviving Nazi leaders after the war, and provides background on the dramatic tribunal that defines trial procedure for state criminals even today.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is America's national institution for the documentation, study, and interpretation of Holocaust history. It also serves as a memorial to the millions of people murdered during the Holocaust. The Web site contains an encyclopedia of the Holocaust and several online exhibits, including one on the book burnings of 1933.

Web Sites | Books

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