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The Man Behind Hitler
Joseph Goebbels' Diary return to index

Rise to Power, 1930-33

Quotes The world economic crisis of 1929 and the hardships it inflicted on the German people -- including food shortages and unemployment -- gave the Nazi Party a big boost. Disappointed with their government, many Germans joined the Nazis. Hitler became chancellor in January 1933.

September 15, 1930
Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goering, and Julius Streicher retrace the route of the march in 1923 I am shaking with excitement. The first election results. Fantastic. Jubilation everywhere, an incredible success. It's stunning. The bourgeois parties have been smashed. So far we have 103 seats. That's a tenfold increase. I would never have expected it. The mood of enthusiasm reminds me of 1914, when war broke out. Things will get pretty hot in the months ahead. The Communists did well, but we are the second-largest party.

June 30, 1931
I've uncovered an extensive plot. The SS is running a spy ring here in Berlin, and keeping me under surveillance. They are spreading the most astonishing rumors... Either I have Hitler's confidence or I don't. I'm not going to keep working under these conditions. [Heinrich] Himmler hates me. Now I am going to bring him down... [Hermann] Göring agrees with me.

January 31, 1933
We've made it. We've set up shop in Wilhelmstrasse. Hitler is chancellor. It's like a fairy tale come true! He deserved it. Wonderful euphoria. People were going mad below. ... A new beginning! An explosion of popular energy. Bigger and bigger crowds. I spoke on the radio, to every German station. "We are immensely happy," I said.

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