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The Man Behind Hitler
Joseph Goebbels' Diary return to index

Violence Against Jews, 1938

Quotes On November 9, 1938, Germans across the nation participated in persecution and violence against Jews. During Kristallnacht, homes were ransacked, businesses were burned down, and synagogues were blown up. Afterward the Nazis imposed fines on the Jews and created harsh laws against them.

U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt criticized the Germans' anti-Semitic acts and policies. In response, Goebbels launched a major propaganda campaign against the U.S., even as the targeting of Jews continued. In the coming months and years, the Nazis would implement their "final solution" -- the Holocaust.

November 6, 1938
Interior of the Zerrenerstrasse synagogue after its destruction, 1938 I drove out to the Bogensee lake. Everything was calm and peaceful here. A place where one can work and think -- and splendid autumn weather! Spent the late afternoon reading. Emil Ludwig's "Murder in Davos," a nasty, veritably Jewish effort. It could turn you into an anti-Semite, if you weren't one already. This Jewish plague needs to be eradicated. Utterly. Every last trace. Spent time chatting, reading, writing. To bed on time. Sleeping out here in the forest is wonderful.

November 9, 1938
As was to be expected, the entire nation is in uproar... In Berlin five, then 15 synagogues burn down. Now the people's anger rages. Nothing more can be done against it for the night. And I don't want to do anything either. Should be given free rein ... As I drive to the hotel, windows shatter. Bravo! The synagogues burn in all the big cities. German property is not endangered.

January 24, 1939
The foreign press continues to whip up hatred against me. If only it would end! ... The manager of Father Coughlin, the anti-Semitic radio priest in America, tells us that America is basically more anti-Semitic than we give it credit for. He would like us to take a more positive attitude towards Christianity.

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