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Film Credits: Emma Goldman

Written, Produced and Directed By
Mel Bucklin

Associate Producer
Liz Renner

Edited By
Ralph Hammack, Jr.

Director of Photography
Eddie Marritz

Original Music By
Brian Keane

Narrated By
Blair Brown

Linda Emond
Denis O'Hare

Post Production Editor
Doug Carlson

Graphic Design
Scott Beachler

Post Production Sound
Werner Althaus

Paul Avrich
Stephen Cole
John Patrick Diggins
Richard Drinnon
Oz Frankel
Alice Kessler-Harris
Margaret Marsh
Barry Pateman
Lewis Perry
David Rabban
Alice Wexler

Senior Creative Consultant
Michael Winship

Sound Recording
Mark Mandler
David Goodale
Jim Lenertz

Assistant Camera
Ross Sebek
Jerry Risius

Steadicam Operator
John Beck

Ned Hallick
Foster Collins
Pat Aylward

John Roche
John Dimond

Ben Fossberg
Dan Smith
Peter Russell

Jib Camera Operator
Robert Balton

Scenic Design & Props
Art Kuhr
Paula Clowers
Zachary Lane
Collection of Don Cunningham
Collection of Don Rock

Howell Theatre -- University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Omaha Community Playhouse
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Jill Anderson
Nathaniel Carlson
Kevin Lawler

Production Secretaries
Pat Richmond
Pat Andersen

Production Assistants
Michele Wolford
Julie Almendral
Sashka Koloff
Bill Johnson
Jake Weed

Rebecca Varilek
Abby Shepard
Candace Boyer

Lewanne Jones
Bonnie Rowen

Archival Sources
American Newspaper Repository
Billy Sunday Archives, Grace College
Brown Brothers
Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Chicago Historical Society
City Archives of Philadelphia
Cleveland Public Library
Collection of Jerry Beck
Collection of Lisa Baskin
Collection of Barry Pateman
Culver Pictures, Inc.
Davidson Library, University of California at Santa Barbara
Denver Public Library
Dmitriev Photo Archive, Nizhny Novgorod City Museum
Emma Goldman Papers, University of California at Berkeley
Getty Images
International Institute for Social History, The Netherlands
John E. Allen
Labadie Collection, University of Michigan
Library of Congress
Museum of the City of New York
Mystic Seaport Museum
National Archives
New York Historical Society
New York Public Library
Old News, Inc.
Rivers of Steel Archives
Russian Archives for Film & Photo Documents, Krasnogorsk
Slava Katamidze Collection
Tamiment Library, New York University
The Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University
Unite Archives, Kheel Center, Cornell University
University of Illinois at Chicago, Ben L. Reitman Papers
Walter P. Reuther Library, Wayne State University

Special Thanks To
Nicholson Baker
David Ballentine
Richard Ballentine
City of Beatrice, Nebraska
Howard Besser
Mecca Reitman Carpenter
City of Fairbury, Nebraska
Candace Falk
William Fishman
Fremont & Elkhorn Valley Railroad
Peter Glassgold
Audrey Goodfriend
Julie Herrada
Alice Kates-Shulman
Tuli Kupferberg
Tony Kushner
Ora Laddon and Mathew Robbins
June Levine
Alfred Levitt
National Park Service, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
Victor Navasky
Jeremy Pikser
Rick Prelinger
Harold Ramis
Stephen Rebello
Fermin and Philip Rocker
Franklin Rosemont
Save Ellis Island
Irene Selver
Sidney and Clara Solomon
Michael Stricks
The Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer
Evelyn and Norman Tabachnick


Post Production
James E. Dunford
Gregory Shea

Series Designer
Alison Kennedy

On-Line Editor
Mark Steele
Spencer Gentry

Sound Mix
John Jenkins

Series Theme
Mark Adler

Business Manager
John Van Hagen

Project Administration
Nancy Farrell
Vanessa Ruiz
Helen R. Russell
Rebekah Suggs

Jay Fialkov
Maureen Jordan

Director, New Media
Maria Daniels

Project Coordinator, New Media
Ravi Jain

Daphne B. Noyes
Johanna Baker
Leslie Sepuka

Coordinating Producer
Susan Mottau

Series Editor
Sharon Grimberg

Vice President, National Programming
Margaret Drain

Executive Producer
Mark Samels

A production of Nebraska ETV Network for American Experience

© 2004 WGBH Educational Foundation
and Nebraskans for Public Television, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

page created on 3.11.2004
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