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Mother Earth Magazine

Mother Earth Magazine

Mother Earth Magazine
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The first issue of Mother Earth, with a print run of 3000 copies, hit newsstands in March 1906. For a dime, readers got a showcase of anarchist and radical writings on current events, as well as poetry and fiction. Editor Emma Goldman kept the monthly in circulation until August 1917, despite conflicts with the U.S. Postal Service and law enforcement authorities who found its content "treasonable."

Goldman's circle of friends and associates -- especially Alexander Berkman, a professional typesetter -- helped shape each issue at meetings in Goldman's apartment. "My room was the living-room, dining room, and Mother Earth office, all in one," she said.

By 1918, in a repressive wartime environment, federal authorities had seized lists naming over 8,000 subscribers to Mother Earth, targeting them for investigation.

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