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Hymn of the War Kings
Gerald B. Breitigam
[page] 369

To Our Friends
Emma Goldman
[page] 370

Observations and Comments
[page] 371

The Futility of Investigations
Stella Comyn
[page] 376

The Sanger Case
Leonard B. Abbot
[page] 379

To the Anti-Militarists, Anarchists, and Free Thinkers
F. Domela Nieuvenhuis
[page] 380

Letters on the War
J. W. Fleming -- S. Linder
[page] 384

Death of Anselmo Lorenzo
[page] 385

An Innocent Abroad -- II.
Alexander Berkman
[page] 388

Renewed Activity
Emma Goldman
[page] 390

Proclamation to the City of Chicago
The Unemployed League
[page] 391

Feminism in America
By R. A. P.
[page] 392

Wars and Capitalism
By Peter Kropotkin
[page] 394




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